mooore request doodles from the series gamzee scores all the chicks
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mooore request doodles from the series gamzee scores all the chicks

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cries because cronus ampora

Hᴀᴘᴘʏ B-ᴅᴀʏ Iɴsᴜғғᴇʀᴀʙʟᴇ Pʀɪᴄᴋ 


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toreelynn replied to your photo: Wow, I really enjoyed writing this. I also kinda…

Ugh I love everything you do

thank you omgggg *u*

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30 days OTP challenge NSFW!!!version


  1. Cuddles (naked)
  2. Kiss (naked)
  3. First time
  4. Masturbation
  5. Blow job
  6. Clothed getting off
  7. Dressed/naked (half dressed)
  8. Skype sex
  9. Against the wall
  10. Doggy style
  11. Dom/sub
  12. Fingering
  13. Rimming
  14. 69
  15. Sweet and passionate
  16. In public place
  17. On the floor
  18. Morning lazy sex
  19. Outdoors, woods, parks, gardens
  20. Your own kink
  21. Shower sex
  22. On the desk
  23. Trying new position
  24. Shy
  25. With toys
  26. Boring sex
  27. Rough, biting, scratch
  28. Role playing
  29. With food
  30. Whatever pleases you

Probably will start from monday :P


you jumped the gun
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you jumped the gun

Hardware (Dave/Bro)


Man, I felt so embarrassed looking over this for errors. I just know there are more I probably overlooked. If anyone read this the first time on the kink meme and hated me, I urge you to read this more correct version instead.

I still suck at endings though. Not sure how to post this here, what with its multi-chaptertude. So it’s all in one big chunk here. I advise it’s viewing on LJ though due to some text colors in one part.

Original Prompt: Bro/Dave, frenum ladder: So. Striders and body piercings. Please make this happen. equally appreciated is any fill with either strider, as long as they’ve got some kind of body piercing~~

Title: Hardware

Pairing: Dave/Bro

Rating: NC-17 for a lot of swearing and graphic steel-studded sex

Warnings: incest, needles being repeatedly driven through the skin of a penis for the purpose of aesthetics, dubious care of piercings, orgasm denial, incredibly imbalanced blowjob-to-jizzing ratio.

Summary: Dave gets a frenum ladder piercing, Bro takes an interest.

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P.S. Who is sitting on Hand that shit over or do something with it to make me proud.

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brostridermorelikefuckme replied to your post: someone should write me a fic where bro is like…

have you read hardware cause something like that happens in hardware

omg no do you have a link???

actually nevermind i googled it an found it hehe